Highlight my hair !

Look up there , what happens on my hair . ohh my goshh . haha . its an accident okay . At morning , along go to saloon to colour his hair so i go with he . Then aunty sandy , the owner of saloon ask me want highlight my hair or not . haha . so i try it . its free ! :) she use some zink paper in my hair . i don't know wht is that . after 30 minutes . Infront of my hair change . haha , like REMPITS you know . ohhh damn ! haha . it my fault i think . so i decide to black my hair back . haha . and i think i wanna colour my hair soon . what do you think if i want colour ? i don't know when . i hope my mum give permission on me . haha . okay , thanks for reading that messy story ! byebye ;)

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